Season 1, Episode 1
TJ 100 Pilot 0005
Air date November 8, 2008
Written by Andy Gordon
Directed by Gary Halvorson
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Firing Lulu

Pilot was the series premiere for True Jackson VP and aired November 8, 2008.


A girl called True Jackson gets a job as a vice president at Mad Style. She invites her friends Lulu and Ryan to comes on her first day. She realises it's not work and play after some other workers tease her. She decides to quit so she goes to Mr Madigan's office only to find Jimmy, Mr Madigan's nephew and the Mailroom guy who she crushes on later. Then Jimmy tells her that this company is like high school. After that, she sees her assistant and some other workers talking behind her back, so she confronts them. In the end, she fires her assistant and hires Lulu as her new assistant.

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  • Andrew Elvis Miller as Flerk D'Brsken
  • Suzy Nakamura as Cricket
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