Mystery in Peru
Season 2, Episode 33-34
Air date August 20, 2011
Written by Gary Halvorson
Directed by Andy Gordon
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Mystery in Peru is the 33-34 episodes of season 2 of True Jackson, VP. The series ended, so this is the series finale episode.


True and the rest of the Mad Style staff go to Peru to attend the wedding of Amanda and Brock. They discover there's a grand prize for whoever can capture a jewel thief, so the boys and the girls each try to find the criminal. Mikey J. tells Lulu he's moving away for a year, but in the end, he doesn't move at all. Amanda hires Kelsey as her assistant for the wedding, but when Amanda drinks the fountain of youth, she reverses into a child and therefore cannot be married to Brock. Later, Max announces he is retiring to be a stay-at-home dad promoting True as the president of Mad Style. True changes the office and has teenagers help run the company.


  • In the original filming for this episode, Mikey J's full name and Kelsey's last name is supposed to be revealed, but in post-production, those scenes were deleted.
  • According to the scripts, Mikey J's full name is reported to be "Michael James" and Kelsey's last name is reported to be Stevenson.
  • The series ended in July 2011, and Keke Palmer confirmed that this is the last episode in the series.
  • Ryan and Kelsey walked away together after the "wedding", but it was never revealed if they are a couple.
  • Max revealed that Doris is pregnant, but it was never revealed what gender the child was.
  • It was never revealed what Lulu's job was now that True was President of Mad Style.
  • In the end, it is shown that Kopelman is the only adult working at Mad Style after True became President.
  • For continuity, True mentions the time they were trapped in Paris.


  • Peru museam's garden doesn't have mountains at the back.
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