• Company Name = Mad Style Inc.
  • Foundation = 2008
  • Location = New York City, New York, United States
  • Slogan = Many (Most known "Put Some Color in Your Week"
  • Industry = Clothing
  • Products = Clothing

History Edit

Mad Style was founded by Max Madigan who previously joint owned Christini & Madigan with Simon Christini. Max hired True Jackson to be Vice President of teen apparel. True is a 16 year old girl whom Max discovered while she was selling sandwiches. At the time, she was wearing Mad Style Clothing that she had modified, and the modifications caught Max's attention, spurring him to spontaneously hire her.

Employees Edit

  • Max Madigan- President of Mad Style
  • True Jackson- Vice President Teen Apparel
  • Amanda Cantwell- Vice President Woman's Wear
  • Lulu- True's Assistant and Best Friend
    • [Ryan Laserbeam]-True's Sketch Artist and Best Friend
  • Oscar- Mad Style's Receptionist
  • Jimmy Madigan- Mailman
  • Kopelman- Unknown
  • Rose Pinchbinder- Mad Style accountant
  • Mitchell- works in copy room
  • Ella- accounting
  • Craig- accounting
  • Nora- accounting
  • Hibbert- Lawyer


  • Arctic Room
  • Reject Room
  • Desert Room
  • Dress Vault
  • Incinerator Room
  • Copy Room
  • Break Room
  • True's office
  • Amanda's office
  • Kopelman's office
  • Hibbert's office
  • Mail Room
  • Conference Room
  • Max's office
  • Design Room

Other Companies within the BuildingEdit

  • Rad Tiles
  • Bad Smiles
  • Glad Trials
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