Tiberius Jimmy Jeeves Madigan  is Max Madigan's nephew. He is the mailman at Mad Style, and seems to have a


Jimmy (Tiberius) Madigan
General Information
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Mailman

Failed Singer

Aliases: Tiberius (actual name)

Fire & Ice (band name)

Diarrhea (another band name)

Family & Friends
Family: Max Madigan(nephew)
Friends: LuLu

True Jackson

Ryan Laserbeam


Relationships: True Jackson (girlfriend)
Series Information
Portrayed By: Robbie Amell

rather unhealthy obsession with mail, postage, stamps, and all mail-related things. True has a major crush on him. It is seen he likely returns True's feelings for him and likes her as more than just a friend, as he has helped her multiple times. Despite their feelings, they can not date each other due to company rules. Those rules were later overturned and they began in the latter part of season 2. Jimmy also played the drums in a band called Fire & Ice (formerly known as Diarrhea), though it was later revealed that the band split up due to a bad performance. In the episode "True Drive", it was revealed by Jimmy's astronaut father that his birth name is actually Tiberius. He was recurring in 13 episodes in season 1, and appears as a main character in season 2.