Dakota North is a teenage supermodel. She is potrayed by Nathalia Ramos.

Personality Edit

She is very grumpy and rude. When True is fed up with Dakota's behaviour, True manages to change Dakota, making her much nicer. True says Dakota should go to the pool party. However, she did not know it was on that same day! In the end, Dakota did show up at the conference after hearing a mobile message from True.

Trivia Edit

  • She only appears in Babysitting Dakota.
  • True is a big Dakota North fan.
  • Her grandparents have a restraining order against her for injuring them
  • She is banned from Canada for slapping a moose
  • Dakota was one of Amanda Cantwell's way of trying to get True to fail.
  • Her name is a play-on of the US state North Dakota.
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