Babysitting Dakota
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date November 22, 2008
Written by Jason Kessler
Directed by Roger Christiansen
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Babysitting Dakota is the third episode of season 1 of True Jackson, VP. The episode aired November 22, 2008.


In this episode, Amanda is offered to look after a supermodel named Dakota North who is visiting Mad Style to show off a new dress. Max says to Amanda that if Dakota isn't happy by the time the press conference will happen, Amanda will be fired! So Amanda says "Why don't you just get True to do it? She is in the age range of Dakota after all." Max approves, and True gives Amanda a hug, thinking Amanda is trying to make her happy, because True is a big Dakota North fan. But of course, Amanda is trying to get True fired. True doesn't realise just how fussy Dakota will be. Dakota ends up befriending True, because Dakota is always nasty to everyone else! (Her grandparents have a restraining order against her for injuring them, she is banned from Canada for slapping a moose, and she is bad to nearly EVERYONE!) Dakota says she wishes she could go to her friends pool party, and True says "Well, why don't you go? Sometimes it's good to get time off of work. How about I go get those Lemon Squares now." After saying this, True leaves the room. When she comes back, she sees Dakota has already left, and finds a message from her saying that she went to the pool party. True leaves a message for Dakota, asking her to come back. True has to go down the runway, desguised as Dakota, but falls down in her heels, just as the real Dakota North appears. They all have a dance party at the end.


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